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Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which an organization deals with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens the organization or its stakeholders. Your brand reputation is the most valuable asset. A PR crisis can destroy any business or brand at any moment by putting the company at the risk of losing its employees, customers and other stakeholders. Unlike many developed enterprises, small or middle enterprises usually lack resources to develop a crisis management team or they don’t think they need it. However, when a PR crisis hits, have you ever thought about how you will respond to or who can respond to? 

Every crisis situation is unique and, therefore, requires a tailored response. MEMO+ provides prompt PR crisis management solutions and training, which address the public immediately following the discovery of the crisis. By providing informative and factual responses, we make sure that detrimental rumors will not be spread through the media. MEMO+ uses 5S crisis management: Shouldering, Sincerity, Speed, Systematisation and Standardisation, to mitigate the damage. With sincerity, integrity and timeliness shown, your brand can resume good relationships with customers and media hence rebuild brand reputation. 

Before being hit by a crisis, it is important that companies should always be prepared. The preparation must be continuous. Other than solving PR crises, MEMO+ also provides crisis prevention services. We help clients identify their top reputational threats, plan for the most likely scenarios, and develop internal and external crisis communication processes to prepare for crisis events in the future and empower your employees with crisis management training. With a crisis management plan that is regularly updated and reviewed, we can prevent almost 90% of the PR crisis from happening. 



Case Study 


MINISO began to develop in the Chinese market in September 2013. It actively explored the international market and has opened 3900 stores by the end of 2019. At present, MINISO has reached cooperation agreements with more than 70 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong (China), and Macau (China).

MINISO advocates the philosophy of quality life and in the brand spirit of “respecting consumers”, dedicates itself to providing customers with products of “high quality, competitive price, and creativity”. MINISO earns love from the major consumers aged from 18 to 35 due to its simple and quality features and keeping pace with consumption trends.

miniso2 (1).png

Miniso was criticized for stealing and copying the works and designs of other designers. Some media even mentioned that Miniso stole the title of a particular designer to increase brand awareness.

One citizen claimed about the imitation design style of Miniso products and persuaded people to stop consumption.

MEMO's 5S Crisis Management




Some media reported that Philip Bro Ludvigsen and Joans Ravlo Stokke were falsely promoted by Miniso as part of their employees as both designers did not design any products for Miniso. In fact, there are some misunderstandings between the designers and Miniso about the agreements and contracts.

Therefore, we found the two designers and conducted a feature interview with them. During the interview, we asked them to express their feelings about joining Miniso as a big family and their future plans for design. This helped us tell the truth to the public, and the rumors naturally broke down.


MINISO’s first media luncheon was held on 5 April 2017 in Finds, The Luxe Manor. The chief designer of MINISO, Miyake Junya and the norwegian design team, Permafrost have been invited to the event. 

The media luncheon aimed to build up a positive image of MINISO and maintain a better relationship with media. The event has successfully attracted different sections of media as a result of a board media coverage.



We made full use of the TV monitors in each store of Miniso by broadcasting feature interview with designers Philip Bro Ludvigsen and Joans Ravlo Stokke inside the store to increase brand awareness and visibility in the fastest way.



Equipped with multiple sets of professional media monitoring and social listening tools, MEMO+ is able to access extensive big data ranging from brand, business, industry to social spheres. 

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Media can play a role in improving and building brand reliability.

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